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Real care in your home

When life brings changes, to your ability, to your health, to your daily life, there is no better place to be than in your own home, in familiar surroundings, with the routines you choose.

At PillarCare we have been providing live-in care solutions for over 20-years and we understand the considerable benefits of living independently in your own home. Whether your care needs are basic or more complex and nursing-led, we can provide the highest standard of care to help you to stay as independent as possible in your own home, with dignity and kindness. Live-In Carecan have very positive outcomes and have
a proven track record of helping our service users to improve their quality of life. Our experienced management team help you adapt and will visit you and your Carer regularly, staying in touch and providing on-going support.

We are familiar with the many concerns that those who use our service experience when they first contact us. Changing your lifestyle and having a new person in your home is a big transition. Our experienced Care Management team and friendly Carers do all we can to make this transition a pleasant and positive experience.

Your home or a care home?

Living in residential care can very often bring unwanted changes, on top of the challenges of changing health needs. Being moved into new surroundings, sometimes a long way from friends and family, with unfamiliar faces and routines designed around organisation needs rather than your own, can all make residential care a very daunting prospect.

Experience shows us day after day that home is the best place to be. We can organise a personalized care
Changing needs
Live-in Carers can help you wash and dress, shop and cook nutritionally balanced meals, provide healthcare assistance and help with all aspects of day-to-day life.
Hospital Discharge
The transition to home after hospital can be daunting. Our experienced team can create a care package designed to seamlessly get you from hospital to home.
plan and our Carers will provide all the basic healthcare assistance that you require, liaise with your GP, District Nurse and other health professionals, shop, cook, assist with household duties and provide, often most importantly of all, companionship, friendship and support when you most need it. Live-In Care can be required on a short or long term basis, here are some examples of live-in care needs:
A diagnosis of an illness can be bewildering. We can help you to navigate the changes and offer clear solutions to coping with illness whilst remaining independent.
Rapid Response
When an unexpected challenge happens, an accident, the death of a spouse or Carer, a fall that changes mobility needs overnight, we can put care in place quickly and efficiently.

Not sure which option is best?
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Our fees
We understand that the cost of care is often an unexpected expense. Our fees are fully inclusive, with no hidden charges, and include care service provision 365 days a year. Plus our on-call care managers are available 7 days a week from 8am to 9pm.