Creative arts for people with dementia


We recently discovered a brilliant article by the Social Care Institute for Excellence on the power of creative arts to help those with dementia.  From music and singing to poetry, painting and theatre, we know that creative activities can help older people on many levels, not least the positive mental health and social benefits.  At PillarCare we aim to help our service users not only enjoy independence and feel safe in their own homes, but help them to age smart, and age positively. 

Creative Arts for People with Dementia courtesy of Social Care Institute for Excellence

"Dementia can have a devastating effect on people’s cognitive abilities. Interestingly, however, the creative, imaginative and emotional parts of a person often remain relatively strong.

People with dementia can also lose some inhibition and therefore might feel more free to express themselves creatively and spontaneously.

There have been some wonderful developments in creative work with people with dementia in the past decade – these have shown how important it is to celebrate a person’s potential rather than always focus on problems and deficits."

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