Care packages for people in self-isolation

During this challenging and difficult time due to the unprecedented outbreak of Coronavirus, we are receiving many enquiries from people concerned about loved ones needing care in their own homes. In view of increasing cases and following government advice and social distancing measures, PillarCare recommends opting for live-in care wherever possible as the safest choice of care package during this time.

At PillarCare, we continue to adhere to the latest government safety guidance and are working hard to remotely manage our team of friendly and experienced carers who are on hand to assist you with all your care needs at home. Our management team are also able to assist with the supply of goods and available medical supplies to the homes of our service users where necessary. If you are concerned about Coronavirus and would like to speak to one of our management team about live-in care for yourself or a loved one, please call us on 020 7482 2188.

Advice & our Policies

Government Advice

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PillarCare Policies

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Care packages for people in self-isolation

PillarCare also offers a range of hourly care packages to those who don’t feel ready for live-in care. If you would like to discuss how hourly care could work for you, please get in touch with one of our Care Managers by email or call us for a chat. 

Live-in Care

At PillarCare we are specialists in live-in care. We believe that care in your home provides you with peace of mind and can help you to maintain your dignity and independence whilst staying in familiar surroundings. We witness every day how live-in care changes people’s lives for the better, promoting the best possible quality of life for the longest time possible, and facilitating independence whilst providing companionship and security.

Day Care (6 hours minimum)

Our friendly and experienced day-time Carers will come and assist you in your home, providing help with care and tasks of daily living. People require daytime care for a range of reasons, and whether you need help with your shopping, cooking and personal care, are convalescing after hospital or have specialist or complex care needs, we can provide a flexible package to suit you. 

Night Care

Our night care is based on 10 or 12 hours of Care in your home through the night. The Carer will be on hand during the night and, depending on your requirements, will be awake with you or providing monitoring and assistance while you sleep. Night care can be suitable for convalescence, complex care needs, those with learning disabilities or when a family member might need a break or respite. Night care can also be provided on an ongoing basis for those with specialist care needs. 

24-Hour Care

Our 24-hour care packages are suitable for people who need around-the-clock waking care. It differs from live-in care, and is provided by a small, dedicated team of Carers. 24-hour care is needed for different reasons including complex care needs, end-of-life (palliative) care, for those with learning disabilities, or after hospital discharge when there are specialist care requirements. 

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Our fees

We understand that the cost of care is often an unexpected expense. Our fees are fully inclusive, with no hidden charges, and include care service provision 365 days a year. Plus our on-call care managers are available 7 days a week from 8am to 9pm.